For all your metal construction needs…

We have the knowledge, experience, partners and professional relations to build any metal structure or metal building for your business. We focus on PEMB (Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings) because in our experience it is the most cost effective way to design and build a top-quality metal building or structure.

The buildings are designed by a flexible team of architects, engineers and contractors and then manufactured by the top Steel Building Manufacturer NUCOR Building Systems, a division of Nucor Corporation, as industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered metal building systems for nearly 30 years. They do custom metal building design with BIM 3D technology, as well as to subscribe to follow the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) metal building guidelines and specifications.

Our strategic partners, professional network and subcontractors are all highly qualified with between 15 to 30 years of experience. This network of partners and subcontractors is one of our main assets and allows us to say confidently that, “If you draw it we can build it!”

Client Assessment is as important as our engineering, manufacturing and construction; we believe it is absolutely critical – and we excel at it. We put a lot of effort and all our experience in understanding the client needs to the point that, almost every time, they are surpassed by how we anticipate needs that they haven’t even thought of. This capability of going beyond what a client has imagined also factors into finding a solution balancing the design, materials and construction. We always find sound solutions to every area and stage of the project that prove to be of high quality and cost effective.

The founder of the company, John Blacksher, Jr, is intimately involved with the client and the whole metal construction process at every stage. You will see him at the beginning, you will see him in his pickup at any time of the day or night supervising critical stages, and you will see him at the end delivering the metal building or metal structure that is better than what you imagined.

“Like snowflakes, no two companies are the same. We can design
for your company’s unique requirements.”

-John Blacksher, Jr.


Blacksher Metals’ philosophy is simple: We know satisfied customers are the foundation to a company’s success. That is exactly our goal with every Blacksher Metals customer. We consider the company a personal investment, and because we take pride in our work, we will go out of our way to deliver you the best building possible. You are getting what you pay for: A top quality building at a very competitive price.


All buildings are manufactured to the requirements of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association. From the welds to I-Beams to paint finishes, we only allow the highest quality, knowing that our buildings represent our company.


At Blacksher Metals, we don’t just sell steel buildings. We also design, engineer, and detail our structures so you know that your order is in good hands from your first quote to the day of delivery. Blacksher Metals is experienced in all types of prefab steel buildings, whether it’s an airplane hangar, gymnasium or a large warehouse. Even if your building needs are just a small backyard workshop, we promise to handle all aspects of the project with the utmost care, attention and quality.


Custom Metal Buildings & Structures for Every Business

A metal building or structure is a solution for a variety of businesses, we understand their specific needs and solutions.

Every business has specific characteristics and needs, and this translates into the requirements for their metal building. We have the experience and the expertise to understand those needs and then design and build a metal structure that will be their best solution.

Metal buildings are effective solutions for a wide range of business needs from industrial and commercial and are manufactured for a variety of purposes including schools, churches, horse riding arenas and more. It is the most cost effective solution per square foot for your facility needs. Our team understands this, so they plan and execute any metal building project first and foremost with the specific business and clients’ needs as the top priority.

Contact us for any need that you may have, anywhere, and you can be sure that we will provide a cost effective high quality metal building that will solve your business needs completely.









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